The Dangers Of Magnet Fishing & How To Stay Safe

Magnet Fishing Dangers – How To Stay Safe

Magnet Fishing is becoming increasingly popular all over the world and with more and more people taking part it’s only right that we discuss the dangers of magnet fishing and advise you on how to stay as safe as possible.

Already Magnet Fishing has developed a bad reputation largely due to the newspapers and media. However also due to the tragic accidents that have occurred some even resulting in death. These magnet fishing safety items can help keep you safe – Check them out here >>>>

Where there’s large bodies of water there are always dangers present. Even when you go to the beach on a family trip and you take a swim in the sea. 

Let’s take a closer look at some of the dangers that are presented when magnet fishing and how to avoid them.

  • Drowning

Where there’s water no matter how deep there’s that possibility of drowning, this risk increases with unstable bodies of water, currents, the weather,  the temperature.

During your time magnet fishing you’re going to become more and more tempted to get to more risky places. Increasing your chances of slipping or falling into the water. 

You may lose your magnet and think I have to go in the water to get it back. Unless you are in a very shallow stream or you are 100% sure it is safe with no risk to your life to recover your magnet. I would advise you not to risk it. No amount of money lost is worth your life.

Magnet Fishing Danger Drowning

It may be that you feel if you get in the water you can recover that heavy item attached to your magnet more quickly and easily. Again unless there is absolutely no risk. Do not do it.

A father and son duo were out enjoying a days magnet fishing when tragedy struck. Both of them died. It is thought that the father fell in and was drowning and the son tried to save him and also ultimately sacrificed his life. Nobody knows how this tragedy occurred exactly but what we do know was, a day of having fun, enjoying their hobby ended up fatal.

How to avoid drowning while magnet fishing

You can lower the risk of drowning while magnet fishing and eliminate many dangers just by being cautious and aware of your surroundings.

Where possible try to go with a friend or family member. Having someone with you decreases the risk but does not eliminate it. 

Tie yourself to an anchor point where possible, especially if you feel the ground surrounding you is unstable or slippery. You can use the friend you are with, a railing, a tree etc 

Wear suitable footwear with extra grip.

Don’t enter deep bodies of water to recover your magnet or a find. Sometimes you just have to put it down to a loss. The water may look completely harmless and still. You still have the dangers of an under current. You could get caught in weeds and other objects beneath the surface.


  • Dangerous Finds

I read in an article the other day when doing my research for this article that finding dangerous metal finds while magnet fishing is rare. This is NOT true. In fact it would be very wise to view each object you pull out of the water as potentially dangerous. 

Weapons are being pulled out of the water each and every day, magnet fishing, by people like you and I. 

Magnet Fishing Weapons

Guns, grenades, machetes and knives are but just a few of what has already been discovered regularly which are very dangerous, but all metal presents its own dangers.

Guns and explosive devices present their very own obvious dangers.

Most bodies of water hold bacteria, some more dangerous types than others. When you recover an item, not just knives, but all metal has the potential to be sharp, cut yourself while handling and you could be infected. 

How to handle dangerous finds

Firstly before I go into detail the most obvious step is to wear PPE. Gloves mainly. You can buy safety gloves for a minimal amount of money to reduce the risk of cutting yourself. 

When you pull your item from the water if you for a second believe it to be an explosive device or lethal weapon then contact the appropriate authorities, police, bomb squad or the local law department in your area.

Grenades and explosive devices if live have the very real danger of being fragile and temperamental especially after the corrosion that has occurred in the water. Proceed with extreme caution and always ask for assistance with recovery.

If you for example found a concealed weapon, a knife, an axe, gun or other item you believe could be crime related then do not handle it. You could quite possibly get your fingerprints on it or destroy potential evidence. Report it straight away.

  • The Magnet Dangers

If you haven’t handled a neodymium magnet yet, or seen just how powerful these things are then you need to know the dangers present .

These rare earth magnets are not toys. They present their very own dangers and are more powerful than you might imagine. 

The magnets are that powerful that they can interfere with electrical devices such as your mobile phone or at the very worst pacemakers. **Do not use these magnets if you or someone nearby has a heart condition and uses a pacemaker.

It’s not rare for these powerful magnets to slam together or to other metal items, for example a nearby metal railing. Get your fingers in the way and you could quite possibly lose them. Especially with the bigger ones. At the very least it’s going to break the skin and hurt.

How to avoid dangers of the magnet strength

Firstly when transporting your magnet or even just storing it at home, keep it in a protective case

Again wear protective gloves to protect your hands and the damage it may cause if it slams against another metal item and your fingers or hand is in the way. 

Do not use the magnet under any circumstances if you or the person/people you are with are using a pacemaker and have underlying heart conditions. 


Magnet Fishing Safety Tips


  1. Always wear thick protective gloves.
  2. Analyse the ground you are standing on before casting in your magnet, is there moss? Is it slippery? Do you have a good grip on the ground?
  3. Analyse the area, is it safe? Are there any tripping hazards? Are there people nearby?
  4. Carry a first aid kit.
  5. Clean your equipment thoroughly after use, clean your hands with alcohol sanitiser.
  6. Go with a friend, being alone is more unsafe than with a friend.
  7. Keep magnets at least 30cm away from electrical devices.
  8. Be careful of unexploded bombs and ammunition. Report suspicious items to the correct authorities.
  9. Wear appropriate non slip footwear.
  10. Tie yourself to a sturdy anchor point.


Magnet Fishing Danger Summary

This article on the dangers of magnet fishing does not list all of the dangers present. It is wise to analyse the area you are in and the body of water you are about to explore. Each place is different and unique and presents its very own dangers.

There are dangers present with the hobby of magnet fishing, perhaps a few more than many other outdoor hobbies. Be aware of them before you decide if this is the right hobby for you. Stay safe, stay sensible and don’t take silly risks. 

If you would like to add more information about the dangers of magnet fishing for our readers or perhaps you have a great safety tip. Then please leave us a comment in the comments section below.



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