The Beginners Guide To Astral Projection

Astral Projection

What is Astral Projection?

Astral Projection is when your astral body detaches itself from your physical body, very similar to an outer body experience, and travels to the astral plane. The most common time it occurs is in a near death experience or during a serious illness. With practice and patience, it is possible for you to achieve astral projection on demand.Astral Projection

If you’ve recently seen the film “Dr Strange” then you will know that one of his primary superpowers is astral projection.

The art has been practised for centuries, especially in Ancient Egypt & Greece.

Beginners Astral Projection

If you have no experience and are just starting out in Astral Protection then you’ve come to the right place.

Before we teach you a method to reach the astral plane it’s best to know some basic information.

Please remember this article is the very basics and fundamentals and should be used as part of your research only. I am by no means an expert and have only just started out on my journey into Astral Projection.

For a more in depth book full of knowledge and guidance I highly recommend you read “The 90-day guide to Astral Projection

Dangers of Astral Projection

You should first be aware of any dangers.

These are few and far between but nothing comes without risk.

Mental & Physical Exhaustion

At times you can return from your Astral journey feeling mentally and even physically drained and exhausted. If you are not prepared for this and don’t fully understand why it can be very startling and scary and may even lead to a feeling of depression.


Once you have mastered the art of Astral Projection it may leave you wanting to be on the Astral plane all the time. In extreme cases, people begin to care more about the Astral plane than they do their day to day lives. A healthy balance needs to be found.

Incorrect Grounding

Incorrect grounding can cause numerous problems in your life, for example, loss of concentration, bad social interaction and actual physical pain.

The physical pain is caused by your body trying to force you back into you it.

All of these dangers though that I have just written can be fully avoided with the correct knowledge and proper methods.

The Silver Cord

I believe knowledge of the silver cord is mandatory before you practice this ancient art.

The Silver Cord is the unseen cord that connects you to your physical body, stopping you from getting lost in the astral plane without a way to get back.

Knowledge of the Silver Cord can help get you back to your body on demand.

Protecting your Cord is important and fairly simple to achieve, you can do this by regularly meditating and cleansing your chakras.

How to Astral Project

So now you know some of the basics you want to know how to Astral Project!

As this is a beginners guide then I will keep the step by step guide very simple and clear. There are many more things you can do to help with the Astral projection which I will discuss later on in this article.

  1. Ensure that your environment is distraction free. Switching mobile phones to silent is a good idea, you’ll be amazed at how many times a message or call has distracted me from trying to project.
  2. Lie down on a comfortable surface this can be anything from your bed, your sofa, your floor. Wherever you feel most comfortable is perfect. A good tip is to also be wearing your “comfy clothes” these can be pyjamas, nightgowns or in your birthday suit if you prefer lol
  3. Contrary to popular belief you don’t want to be trying to fall asleep, your end goal is to let your body sleep but to keep your mind awake. Try to clear your mind and focus on breathing gently in and out, relax.
  4. You should now continue to relax until you start to feel tingles, these are what we call vibrations. It’s easy to lose focus and become excited when you feel these vibrations as they are a sign that you’re nearly there. Getting excited will stop you from your projection. Stay calm and continue to relax.
  5. After you begin to feel the vibrations (tingles) Keep your eyes closed, stay relaxed and then envision your astral body leaving your physical body. You should imagine that your astral body is rising up. Try to allow this thought part of the process to feel natural.
  6. At this point, you should begin to feel like you are rising upwards an almost floating feeling. If you do then you know that you are about to Astral Project. If you don’t then continue to relax and repeat step 5 again.
  7. This is the final step and this is where you should now be able to see your physical body lying where you left it. If you can congratulations your Astral journey is about to begin. Do not become scared, embrace the feeling and experience.

How to get back from the Astral Plane

A question I am often asked is how you get your Astral body back to your physical body when you want to leave the astral plane.

This is the tricky part and will take some practice.

At some point you may have already experienced astral projection, however, you may not recall any of it.

Remembering your experience is a huge part of visiting the astral plane especially if you want to reap all of the benefits that are associated with astral projection.

The key is to slowly reconnect.

When you are in an astral projection, your memories and experiences are not captured by your physical brain, they are captured by your extra-physical brain. What you need to do is to transfer this information.

A good technique is to repeat names, places and experiences out loud while on the astral plane. So if you meet someone while you are there then repeat their name out loud several times. You can do this with places and experiences too.

Some people before they begin astral projection like to use self-suggestion. This is a very simple yet powerful technique and is achieved by repeating a sentence such as “I will remember everything about my astral projection” you can repeat this 10 – 15 times. Saying it out loud will help. You should use self-suggestion after you are relaxed.

Before you return from your astral journey to connect with your physical body you should remember to approach this part slowly, don’t rush.

While returning you should be very focused on remembering your experiences.

Before jumping out of bed or waking up once you have reconnected lie for a few moments and try your hardest to remember your experiences.

This part of the reconnection and recollection will take some focus and practice don’t expect it to just happen. Be patient it’s worth it!

If you would like to see a beginners video on how to to Astral Project then check out the YouTube video below

What are the benefits of Astral Projection?


Reach other planes of reality

It is believed that Astral projection and the out of body experience allows us to reach other realities and dimensions. This, of course, opens up endless possibilities on where we can travel and what we can see. Many have said they have seen the place we go after we die, and some also believe they have visited their previous lifetimes.

Speaking to passed loved ones

There are many reports of people who have mastered the art of astral projection and then visiting loved ones that have passed away and even being able to talk to them!

I must say this sounds like very advanced astral projection so don’t expect to get there just yet it may take years and years of projection and practice.

Understanding and dealing with loss or death

Once we have experienced astral projection and the OBE you will realise that death is non-existent! While in the astral plane you will exist away from your human shell.

As your astral projection skills advance the fear of death starts to subside as you grasp the concept of death not existing.

Memories or recollection of a past life

The more you astral project the more you will have recollections of your previous lives. These experiences and memories give us more information about ourselves, give us a greater knowledge of universalism and can help us overcome trauma and in some cases self-cure illness.

Increased parapsychic abilities

The Astral projection experience can help expand our psychic capabilities and extrasensory perceptions.

Speed up maturity and awakening 

Visiting the astral plane leaves our bodies in a physical state of sleep, but our minds are fully awake. You avoid the loss of sleeping time and can still learn. You will use that time where usually your mind, as well as your body, would be asleep to increase knowledge and experience.

Both your spirit and maturity will naturally evolve.

If you’re ready to start your astral projection journey then be sure to take a look at these 5 simple tips for astral projection.

Astral Projection FAQ

Is sleep paralysis related to Astral Projection?

I personally have experienced sleep paralysis, I remember the first time being a little scary and overwhelming, that much so that I had to research the condition to be prepared for if it happens again. According to research sleep paralysis is the perfect time for astral projection. Sleep paralysis puts you in a state where your astral body is able to detach from your physical body much more easily.

Is Astral Projection Safe?

Astral Projection is safe, well as safe as being asleep in your bed. You still are at risk from anyone hurting your physical body. It is not possible for anyone to hurt your Astral body.

There are many myths surrounding Astral projection including getting lost and your physical body being open for possession.

Can you Astral Project While Awake?

When you Astral Project you are awake, well at least your mind is. This is a big part of the process and the hard part to master. Keeping your mind awake while letting your body sleep is key.

What is the difference between Lucid Dreaming & Astral Projection?

Lucid dreaming is not real, Astral Projection is, however, a real experience.

To help me explain this question I will need to show you the key differences.

Lucid dreaming – You are asleep, you are in complete control and this experience is not real it is a dream. You completely control the surroundings, the people, the outcome and the experience. You can completely manipulate every aspect of your dream while lucid dreaming and your consciousness is still attached to your physical body.

Astral Projection – To achieve astral projection you can’t be sleeping. Astral projection will happen just before the first stage of sleep, so therefore this is a real experience. You have no control over the aspects of astral projection. Your consciousness will leave your physical body and travel to the astral plane. The only thing you have minor control over is conversations and interactions. When your astral projection experience is complete your consciousness will rejoin with your physical body.

How long will it take for me to be able to Astrally Project?

This really is not a question you should be asking, it’s not something you will get right the first time. Astral projection takes dedication, devotion, time and a lot of practice.

Before you master Astral Projection you need to understand each aspect and stage.

It is not possible to tell anyone how long it will take you to learn as each person is completely different. Instead of wanting to learn overnight try to find enjoyment in the process of learning.

What are the benefits of Astral Projection?

The main benefit of Astral Projection is peace of mind and a spiritual sense of healing and well being. You may also find the experience exciting and magical.

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