A Beginners Guide To Crystal Healing & Crystals

Crystals & Healing

What are Crystals?

They come in many shapes and sizes and in the practice of crystal healing have different properties and uses.

Crystals are natural minerals that the earth forms beneath the ground over thousands of years.

What is Crystal Healing?

Many believe that Crystals are an effective form of healing.

Classed as an alternative medical technique, but is not popular with traditional doctors and medical practitioners.

Crystal Healing is a holistic energy-based healing treatment that can treat many forms of illness and problems by healing their energy system. If performed correctly it can be very relaxing and tranquil.

Although there is absolutely no scientific evidence to support that claim that crystals can heal, it is still practised largely all over the world with many strongly believing in the healing properties of the crystals.

How does Crystal healing work?

It is believed that specific crystals and gemstones have properties that can help facilitate healing using the positive energy from the stones.

During a typical Crystal healing session, crystals or gemstones are aligned on the body at different “chakra points” these are usually placed near the head, on the forehead, throat, chest, gut and on the genital area.

Different stones and placements will be used for different disease and illnesses that the patient may suffer with.

Along with the above mentioned treatments at a Crystal healers it can be practised by anybody from the comfort of their own home, and home crystal healing is becoming more and more popular.

Some wear crystals on the body or sleep with them close-by or beneath their pillow to promote mental and physical healing.

Scientifically how does Crystal healing work?

There is no real scientific evidence to support that Crystal healing works, however scientific studies have shown that a positive “placebo” effect can occur.

Although no scientific evidence is present to support the belief many have experienced positive results and believe that it is a powerful alternative medicinal healing therapy.

Crystal healing is practised by a large number of people worldwide and has been for thousands of years so in my opinion “the proof is in the pudding”

Crystal Healing History

Evidence suggests that the first ever historical references for crystal healing was from the ancient Sumerians, they used Crystals in magic formulas. This was nearly 6000 years ago.

The ancient Egyptians also used crystals to ward off negative energy and disease.

Today the practise of Crystal healing is largely based on Asian cultures.

Mainly based on the Chinese life-energy concept, chi and the Buddhist or Hindu practice of Chakras. Chakras are believed by the Chinese to connect physical and supernatural “energy” elements of the human body.

Read more about the history of Crystal healing.

What things will I need to practice crystal healing?

The hobby is very inexpensive and to be honest there isn’t really that much that you will need to get yourself started.

Firstly I would recommend an in depth crystal book in which you can refer to while studying and practicing.

There’s a wonderful reference book wrote by Karen Frazier, it includes over 200 remedies for the mind, soul and heart you can buy it here.

You will of course need crystals or a crystal, you can buy them online here.

Perhaps a crystal wand, a very popular choice is found here.

If you wanted to be more serious about it you can take many online courses here.

That’s about all really to get started, you can grow your crystal collection as time goes on.

A very inexpensive hobby to get into.

An introduction to Crystals

As a beginner delving into the world of crystals and crystal healing can feel a little overwhelming, with hundreds of types of crystals in all shapes and sizes, where do you actually begin?

Before even thinking about starting you need to learn to trust your inner conscience and spirit. This is what guides us to the right crystals for the right purpose.

Let’s begin the learning process with learning more about the most common types of crystals and the basics of how to use them.

Crystal Shapes

In this part of the beginners guide I will list a few of the basic crystal shapes, there are many more.

These are just a few of the more common crystals you will need as a beginner.


Also commonly known as a Crystal ball, not the type you look into though. These crystals are cut and polished into a perfectly round sphere shape. The sphere shape crystal will radiate energy evenly in each direction.

Because of the spherical shape they are connected to the earth, moon and other planets.

They are generally used for slowing down or even neutralising negative and unbalanced energies.

Crystal Spheres can be held over Chakras or passed through the aura.

In home use a sphere will need a stand for display and can bring a harmonious and peaceful energy to the home.

Placing a Crystal Sphere in the middle of a Crystal grid will promote protection, healing, peace and psychic development.


Pyramid Crystals can direct and anchor energy.

A largely popular choice for home Crystal healing, the pyramid shaped crystal can stabilise earth energies and enhance and project from the apex.

Smaller Pyramid shaped crystals can be placed along Chakras to balance.

In Crystal Grids, the pyramid crystal can be used to protect a specific person, raise vibrations and amplify your healing intentions.

Tumble Stone

The most common of crystal shapes, the tumble stone is also known as “tumbled stone”

Small crystals and stones are tumble polished to create a shiny and smooth surface on the crystal.

The Tumble stone crystals are usually smaller stones, but they are available in large sizes too.

An all purpose Crystal stone, radiating energies in all directions these stones are so versatile that they are generally carried around on your person.

They can also be placed on the chakras, worn directly on the body, placed in vases and bowls around the home and are one of the most popular choices for the Crystal grids.


Heart shape crystals/gemstones represent compassion and also composure.

They can be used to work on the healing chakra, this can be located in your chest.

Heart shaped crystals and stones work in a similar way to palm stones, they are used as support stones that you can hold onto when you are in need of strength.

They also work well if you are in fear, they help to calm you.

Heart shaped stones give out “good vibes”


Clusters are a bunch which are naturally grown.

Cluster crystals contain amplified energies and are the premium group.

You will find that they are often used in grids (more about these below) chakra training, communication with spirits and for astral projection.

These cluster crystals can be used to raise the harmony of a space.

Natural Point

Natural Point stones are a natural shape, they are rare to find.

These crystals can help you to absorb “chakra” and dispel the energy.

Often used in pendulums, wands, for healing and feng shui.


Palm shaped crystals/stones are flat in shape and are made from tumbled stones.

They are easy to carry with you as they fit nicely into the palm of your hand. (hence the name)

You can use palm stones for many different crystal therapies, meditating and for feng shui in the home.

A good video below if you’ve got 15 minutes spare, Annie Tarasova explaining what they are, how they are formed and meanings of popular crystals.

How to choose a crystal

Choosing a crystal can maybe feel overwhelming at first especially as a beginner.

People are so focused on wanting to choose the right crystal and not making a mistake that they forget to use what matters most. There intuition.

Crystal healing is a spiritual hobby so it only makes sense that you would use your inner spirit to choose a crystal.

Some say that the crystal chooses you, so you need to ensure that you open your heart and your mind to allow this to happen.

Whether you are in a shop or buying your crystal online, you should clear your mind and open your heart. Take your time and allow yourself to be drawn to the crystal. Be patient. When you know you’ll know!

Keep your intention in your mind and either look at the crystal or hold it if possible. How do you feel? Do you notice any strange sensations like increase in heart rate, hot or cold feelings, a feeling of peace? Look for the signs.

What are intentions?

Our inner voice and thoughts create vibrations. These are sent out throughout the universe which is why intentions are so important.

Clear intentions and clear purpose provide insight into our dreams and values.

Imagine if you will your intentions are a magnet. In crystal healing having clear intentions allow the crystals to do their work. Set yourself clear intentions that are positive and your hearts desire.

  • Prioritise what is most important to you.
  • Think about aspects of your life that you want to improve.
  • Be clear about your goals and how long you will give yourself to achieve it, find reasons behind your goals.
  • Make your intentions a reality, write them down in present tense. Only write what you truly want, do this from your heart.

How to program and cleanse a Crystal

Before we talk about how we build a crystal grid, most importantly we must learn how to give our crystals their purpose and their job.

You have to program your crystals.

This is a very straight forward process.

Firstly we cleanse with sage smoke. This is achieved by placing the crystal in the smoke from the burning sage. There are alternatives like incense or Frankincense resin that you can use but sage is the most popular.

Then we leave our crystals in either moonlight or sunlight for a minimum of around 5 hours.

Now we bury the crystal in the ground for a few hours, this allows the crystal to be come charged with the energy from the earth.

Take the crystal straight from the earth and hold it in your hands. Breathe deeply, relax and let your eyes close. Go to a happy place and ensure your mind is full of love, peace and tranquillity.

While you’re in a happy place, with your crystal in your hand and your eyes closed ask your crystal to be cleared of negative energy. Say the following:

“I ask that the highest vibration of love and light connect with my highest self to clear all unwanted energy and any previous programming. I command these crystals to hold the intention of my infinite potential, (add your intentions here for the crystal to store) thank you, thank you, thank you!

What is a Crystal Grid?

Now we know how to cleanse and program our crystals we will learn about crystal grids.

Simply put a crystal grid usually consists of a centre stone and then numerous stones set in a formation spreading outwards from the centre.

Crystal Grids vary in size, they are very effective for creating intention energy and hold onto the energy for a long time after it is set.

The formations create harmonizing vibrations and link the energies of the stones/crystals.

How to Create Your very Own Crystal Grid!

To begin with you will need to make a decision on what kind of energy you would like to create and establish, this can be done with knowledge and intuition. Don’t overthink this as there is no real right or wrong way. Many will use a point in the center of the grid because it merges the energy radiated from the crystals together in harmony. It will also amplify the energy outwards. You can use a grid cloth to help with symmetry and map out the grid.

To choose your crystals you should first decide on the ones that are related to your intention. For example if your intentions are ones of love, then you would need stones related to love like malachite, carnelian, amazonite, rose quartz, flourite etc

Once we have chose our stones then we need to purify the energy of them. You can purify using sage smoke.

Now you will need to write what your intention is on a sheet of paper. Fold the paper and say it out loud. Next take your “intention paper” and place it underneath the center stone.

The center stone is the main stone which you will place in the middle of your grid. It is popular to have a center crystal with a point to transmit the energy outwards.

Next you will build up your grid around the center stone, these crystals are used for amplifying the energy.

Crystal Grid Example
An example of a crystal grid

The grid can be as full as you like, you should always remember to place them mindfully and to lead with your inner spirit.

Next you will need to “activate” the grid. We do this with a quartz laser point and draw a line to connect every stone, the line is invisible of course but as you draw it you should be visualising the intention you wrote on the paper becoming a reality.

It’s up to you how far you go with the crystal grid, you can add incense and candles around your grid to further amplify.

*You should leave your grid up for at least 30 days after you set it up.

What is a Crystal Wand?

There’s so much to write and learn about crystal wands so i’m just going to briefly touch on these. If you want to read a full guide to them you can do so here.

Crystal wands are made from crystals and are usually shaped with a point or cylindrical.

Quartz wands usually occur naturally but for other crystal wands you will need to take the stone and polish it.

They are used in crystal healing to further amplify the power and energy.

There are many types and each has it’s own specific use.


If you’ve arrived here and are interested in Crystal healing then you no doubt have a basic understanding of chakras but for those of you who don’t let me elaborate.

Chakras are concentrated centers of energy in the body.

Their purpose is to absorb the energy and to keep us functioning on a day to day basis at optimum levels.

There are two types of chakras in the body these are minor and major.

Chakras are believed to control how we feel and our health. If chakras malfunction or are not looked after then we can end up feeling depressed or even becoming sick.

It is important as a crystal healer to look after our inner chakras by eating healthily and by positive thinking and love.

Located along your spine there are 7 main chakras.

These are:

root, solar plexus, sacral, heart,third eye, throat, and crown chakras

Each are tied to problems with the body, both physically and emotionally.

If you gain a better understanding of your chakras it’s a fantastic way of growing as a crystal healer and also a way to work in harmony with mind, body and soul.

3 simple ways to use crystals

These are 3 beginner ways to use basic crystals and what you have just learnt. These will increase harmony, your peace of mind and spiritural balance.

Clear Quartz

Quartz CrystalClear quartz is one of and if not the most popular type of crystal for beginners.

The crystal will amplify intentions from your crystal grids and the vibrations of the surrounding stones.

You can create a clear quartz wand to cleanse and energize crystals.

Take the clear quartz stone, sit somewhere peaceful and try to feel the positive energy radiating from the stone, let the white light that emits from it fill you. Think about your intention and believe in the quartz crystal.


Amethyst CrystalAnother very popular crystal for beginners is Amethyst, it is fantastic for meditation as it will give spiritual projection and increase your inner strength.

Again while contemplating the intention set out for the crystal you should put it in your bedroom or even at your desk in the office to invite the calming energies.

Amethyst is often used for healing in Yoga and meditation.


Citrine CrystalCitrine draws the power of the sun and is filled with light in abundance. This makes the crystal fantastic for placing in a windowsill.

The sun will then recharge it every day, keeping its powerful vibrations at a maximum.

Citrine is considered one of the most powerful stones used for manifestation.

As a beginner you are going to want to have citrine, it will increase the chances of making your intentions into a reality.

Citrine also creates a positivity and  will stimulate your mind for motivation and to help you become more optimistic.

Take a citrine point and

Place a citrine point on top of a list of your dreams and intentions.

Beautiful to look at and are great healing crystals which will help us connect with Mother Earth.

Crystal Healing FAQ

Is Crystal healing the hobby for you?

I believe crystal healing could be for anyone. It will help you improve your mental health and your physical health.

Learning about crystal healing opens the door to so many other healing practices.

Not only that learning about the crystals and their powers is intriguing and exciting.

Is there more than one different crystal healing technique?

Yes there are many, however I believe the crystal grid to be the most popular and the best for beginners. As you advance in your crystal healing journey you will no doubt learn many more crystal healing techniques.

How do I choose the best healing crystal?

The best way to chose healing crystals is to let your spirit guide you, use your intuition and feel the crystal. This is perhaps one of the most amazing parts of crystal healing.

Can I use crystals just for decoration in my home?

Yes of course they look beautiful and on the plus side your home will be full of good energy!

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If you have any questions or would like to talk more about the wonderful hobby of crystal healing then please leave a comment below we would love to hear your questions and experiences.


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